Monday, September 27, 2010

Apple Orchard

If I haven't posted in a while, doesn't mean I haven't been crafting!!! I promise, I've been making things, just never got around to take pictures of them. I'll try to do it this week :)

Yesterday we went to the apple orchard and picked 30lb of apples :) It happened to fit in 3 big bags. 15lb were Honey Crisp apples. I love them and can say for sure, they are the best eating apples. The other 15 lb were a variety of other apples. They also had a little store, where I bought some honey (yumm!), little pumpkins and gourds for decoration. My son enjoyed horse-back riding, maze and some other activities they had for the kids. We had a great time! On the way back we were driving by the river and noticed that there were some people salmon-fishing. Although, the season has already started and the salmon fish are jumping a little bit, my husband thought it was too early for him to go fishing... Well, not anymore. We saw some huge fish and quite a few of them were caught by fishermen. So on our way to the car we see this little shack, where they clean the salmon for you. We happened to stop by to watch them weight 2 fish and they were 37 and 29 lb!!! I just love salmon. I think it's the best fish ever, so I asked him to go and talk to the shack guy to see if he knows a place we can buy some salmon filets from and the guy just goes to his freezer and gives us this huge (I'd estimate it at about 5lb) salmon filet!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes, how nice was that! And totally unexpected. I told my husband to make sure he brings his fish for this guy to clean, when he catches some.

Needless to say, we had an awesome day! Here are some pictures :)


Courtney said...

It sounds like you had an amazing day!

Olga said...

Thanks girl! We sure did!