Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's been forever...

So I have not been on here in ages. There has been a lot of things that happened. My DH got deployed for a year and I have moved in with my parents to survive this year. They live in Ukraine. It's been 2 months already and I'm adjusting to living here. I have left Ukraine when I was 18, I lived in Germany, met my husband there, then moved to the States with him. So after not living in Ukraine for 10 years, it's been very difficult for me to adjust. I think I'm doing ok now.

I have not listed anything on Etsy and have not twitted... I think when I go back to US, I'll get back to selling on Etsy. Right now, I'm just creating for myself and family. I have made a few things since I've been here, I'll load some pictures and post them on here.

My son likes it here. Until now, he has spoken very little Russian, however in 2 months, his Russian became pretty decent. I take him to the playground and he makes friends easily.

I intend on keeping my blog going. I'll try to post at least weekly...

Here are some pictures I took a few months ago.

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