Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sorry it's been so long!

Wow, I have not posted anything for almost 2 months now!!! This is insane!

So, I quit my job and decided to be stay-at-home mom and take care of my 5-year old and devote more time to my husband. It was not a last minute decision, I swelled on it for a while. I was not happy at my job for a while, but we needed the money. Then, a few bills got paid off and I scrunched up some numbers and figured out that we can make it if I stay at home and we should be ok :)

So now, that I have more time on my hands, especially since Lucas is still at school during the day, I can work on my Etsy stuff. I've been sop bad the past month, that I have not even touched my crafts, except for may be doing some crochet while at work a few times.

My plan is to have more stuff listed by the end of the month and also to finish at least 1-2 projects per week. We'll see how that goes.

Well, see ya later!

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