Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So... today is my first day blogging. Where do I start?

Today I went to work and spent half of my day dreaming of being able to stay home one day doing what I do best: sewing, making cards, scrapbooking... I have been taking my crochet projects to work and played with them for a little bit on my breaks. This helps me relieve stress, but again, I can not just spread out my work, because I don't want it to look like I'm not working. Over the past several months, I've accomplished quite a few projects at work, but there are still quite a few in mind.

Well, I decided to show this dress off. This is the last project I finished at work. I originally was planning to make it for myself, but when it was all done and I tired it on, I didn't particularly like the way my mid-section looked in it, so I decided to list it in my Etsy store. It looks a little crooked on the picture, but in a real life, it's not. I want to wash it before I sell it though, so it looks even.

Ok now, I think it's enough for my first day. I better get into my PJ's and get ready to watch LOST.

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